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When you're ready for growth, encouragement and to be appreciated, we'll be waiting.

I have worked from the bottom to where I am today, the owner of Phoenix Provider Services. Helping others achieve the same goals in life is my mission. I treat my staff with the utmost respect and value their opinions. 

A lot of times, employers forget who makes their company successful. But here at Phoenix Provider Services, our employees are a vital part of being successful. I promote family time, relaxation, and further education. Everyone should be treated equally from staff to clients. This allows all of us to give our all with a smile. As the owner, I'm involved with every aspect of my company. We are truly family and want you to feel like you're apart of our family as well. 

What we ask of you

Respect for yourself, clients and staff

Be honest and communicate

Be on-time

Be held accountable

Take care of our clients like it is your child, parent or other loved one

What we will give you

Not only will we tell you we appreciate you, we will show you

A stress free work environment

Training and skills needed for our company and others

Support in pursuing other dreams and goals

Staff that will listen to you and your ideas

Free education

If you are someone that is disrespectful, lazy and feel entitled, this is not the place for you. If you're just looking for your next paycheck for a few weeks, this is not the place for you.

If you're not teachable and cannot take constructive criticism, this is not the place for you.

If you feel like this is a place for you send your resume to, subject best of the best and let us know why you want to work with us.

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